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Schedule of Classes

Typically a campus makes an upcoming term's courses available for review approximately one month prior to the start of registration for the term. Spring courses typically will be available in October, fall courses typically in late January or February. Summer courses will vary from late November to February. Visit the Web site of the campus registrar for a calendar with dates specific for the campus.

Course offering information can be viewed in two ways:

The Class Schedule: Active is in real-time and shows current course availability and the open or closed status of individual classes. NOTE: Courses for upcoming terms often will appear while they are under construction. It is important to wait until the release dates before reviewing offerings in the Active version. Visit the Web site of the campus registrar to find out when courses for an upcoming term are available.

The Class Schedule: At-a-Glance option presents an easier-to-search version of the class schedule that is not "live" with the system. It may not have the most up-to-date information on a course and whether seats remain available. The last date the information was updated usually appears on the first page. For the latest At-a-Glance list of courses, select the desired campus:

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