Onestart Retirement

Goodbye OneStart

Goodbye, Onestart

OneStart, IU's enterprise web portal, has been replaced by One.IU. OneStart was launched in 2001, and served the IU community as a gathering place for all university services for students, faculty, and staff. Over time however, it gathered more and more services, and became more cluttered with choices that were often difficult to discover. It became like that old basement closet where you put stuff, because you have nowhere else to put it. The thought of cleaning OneStart out of obsolete and lost items was daunting.

On top of that, technology has changed significantly over the past 15 years. Web users today expect an efficiently quick way to interface with online services. Most of us use mobile devices on a regular basis. Most of us expect powerful search tools to find what we're looking for. The older technology used to build Onestart isn't suitable for the demands of today's web user.

In recent years, It became apparent that a better solution was needed to showcase university online services. Onestart has served us well, but we must move forward with today's web user in mind.

Hello, One.IU

Search, click, done. That's it. Simple. One.IU is designed with today's web user in mind. Super easy to use, a modern app store interface, mobile friendly, and powered by an optimal search bar that makes finding anything a breeze. There are hundreds of searchable services available in One.IU - everything from class registration, meal plan info, course information for students, to faculty and staff tools and services. New searchable services are added all the time, but in a way that lets you find them via search. This is a welcome departure from the old fashioned (OneStart) way of packing everything into a cluttered space.

Today's mobile users will enjoy One.IU's optimal performance in the mobile web arena. Whether you're viewing on a desktop monitor or smart phone, One.IU is built on technology that adapts to whatever screen size you're on. If you're in the office or on the go - One.IU will deliver the perfect web experience on any device you choose to connect with.

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