• Fiction Reading by Darrin Doyle
    November 12 7:00pm
    Fiction Reading by Darrin Doyle more »
  • ADP - Climate Choices: Dialogue & Deliberation
    November 14 11:30am
    Join Controversies in U.S. Politics students for a National Issues Forum on Climate Choices. All around is evidence that the climate is changing. Summers are starting earlier and lasting longer. Heat waves are becoming more frequent and intense. Dry regions are getting drier and wet regions are seeing heavier rains. Record cold and snowfall more »
  • ADP - Keeping America Safe: Dialogue & Deliberation
    November 19 11:30am
    Join the Controversies in U.S. Politics course for a National Issues Forum on Keeping America Safe. We'll ponder the questions: What is Our Greatest Threat? How Should We Respond? Today's headlines can be daunting: A lone terrorist attacks civilians, including American tourists, in cities around the globe; Russia flexes its military more »
  • Pop-UP University - Kirsta Bailey Lecture at Langlab
    November 21 7:00pm
    As a part of the Pop-Up University, Krista Bailey will be delivering a lecture titled "Climate Change, Conflict, Poverty & Food: What can you do?" more »
November 10 - 16, 2019