• Non-Traditional Student Orientation
    August 05 5:30pm
    Non-Traditional Student Orientation is for the following: Transfer student with 26 or more credit hours (sophomore standing and above) Age 21 or older Veteran Due to limited space, Non-Traditional Student Orientation is restricted to incoming students only. more »
  • New Student Orientation
    August 07 9:00am
    This program is for first-time college students and transfer students with less than 26 credit hours (freshman standing) Registration for classes for the above students takes place during orientation. more »
  • Leadership Academy Graduation
    August 13 6:00pm
    Participating students of the Leadership Academy will be celebrated for successfully completing the preparation for their college journeys.  more »
  • Bender Fellows Application Deadline
    August 15 12:00am
    8/15 - is the deadline for submitting application for the FACET Bender Fellows program for the following spring.  For more information, visit: https://facet.indiana.edu/events-programs/bender-facet-fellows/index.shtml more »
  • Graduate Business Orientation
    August 17 5:30pm
    Orientation program for incoming Business graduate students.  more »
August 2 - 8, 2015