• CRRES Speaker Series: Tennisha Riley
    August 29 4:00pm
    African American Adolescents’ Emotional Development: Understanding Risk Behaviors and Positive Youth Development in Cultural Context more »
  • CRRES Speaker Series: Ross Gay
    September 12 4:00pm
    A Book of Delights: A Conversation more »
  • CRRES Speaker Series: Alyssa Mt. Pleasant
    September 19 4:00pm
    Drive-by History: Roadside Markers in Haudenosaunee Homelands more »
  • CRRES Speaker Series: Steven Thrasher
    October 24 4:00pm
    War, Crime, and HIV: An Accounting on AIDS and Racism in the United States more »
  • CRRES Speaker Series: Meredith Oda
    November 14 4:00pm
    Commemoration and Forgetting in the Gateway to the Pacific: Japanese and African Americans in San Francisco’s Foreign Relations and Neighborhoods more »
August 25 - 31, 2019