• 3/30 Decolonizing Political Theory: State of Nature and Barbarism
    March 30 10:30am
    “Decolonizing Political Theory: ‘State of Nature’ and ‘Barbarism’” Dr. Oliver Eberl Leibniz-University Hannover Visiting Humboldt Fellow Abstract: The ‘state of nature’ is an important concept for justifying the state. ‘Barbarism’ is an important notion for criticizing t more »
  • Indonesia on the Global Stage
    April 05 12:30pm
    The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Rosmalawati Chalid will be coming to IU to give a presentation on the state of Indonesia's current economic, social, and cultural affairs, as well as the state of the country's democracy in general. These details will help inform her analysis of Indonesia's role through the Association more »
  • Midwest Model European Union
    April 05 3:00pm
    The MMEU is the second oldest intercollegiate simulation of the EU in North America. Participating colleges send delegations of 7 members each, representing the 28 EU member states. Over a period of 48 hours, they meet in formal and informal sessions as the European Council, the European Commission, and several different councils of ministers. T more »
  • 4/20 "Major Trends in the History of Fanaticism"
    April 20 10:30am
    Major Trends in the History of Fanaticism   Zachary Goldsmith   ABSTRACT: This paper seeks to explore the major contours of the evolution of the concept of “fanaticism.” Taking as its starting point the heuristic insights of Reinhart Koselleck’s method of “concept history,” this paper explo more »
March 18 - 24, 2018