• A Casual Conversation on the Economics of Urinetown
    September 21 5:30pm
    The Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance along with Theatre Circle present Dr. James Walker leading a casual conversation on the economic conditions present in the IU Theatre production of Urinetown. A drought has left water scarce and people must now pay a private company to pee, but the fees keep rising!  To more »
  • EASC Colloquium: Public and Legislator Support for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan (Timothy Rich, Associate Professor, Political Science, Western Kentucky University)
    September 22 12:00pm
    ABSTRACT: Debates over same-sex marriage have increased globally over the past 20 years, with Taiwan likely to be the first in Asia to legalize. Yet little research analyzes public perceptions or legislator positions on the issue. Through a combination of national public opinion surveys, legislator-level data, and an original experimental survey more »
  • The Task of Thinking in an Age of Reaction
    September 22 12:00pm
    Political pundit and academic book editor Damon Linker will discuss what it's like to analyze and comment on current affairs at a time of intense political partisanship and polarization. To avoid succumbing to the reactionary temptation--the tendency to respond to political provocation with an equal and opposite show of vitriol--he follows the exam more »
  • Global Studies Graduate Group Call-out
    September 22 12:30pm