• IU Kokomo Goes Global
    October 07 11:00am
    Students and faculty share their overseas study experience, global research, and recent travel to countries around the globe in 30 minute sessions. We will also hear from Linda Ficht, who will discuss her recent travel to Poland in preparation for an overseas study management class scheduled there to visit Poland this summer, JR Pico will discuss h more »
  • Nurses' Bible Fellowship Meetings
    October 07 11:45am
    Fellowship Hosted By: Nurses' Bible Fellowship Additional Information can be found at: https://iuk.collegiatelink.net/organization/NBF/calendar/details/696245 more »
  • JumpStart Speaker Series “How to recover after dropping a class or failing my midterm?”
    October 07 12:30pm
    We all face obstacles in life. The real learning occurs when we overcome those obstacles.  Failures are just life’s detours to get us to where we need to be. Okay, stress out a little bit. So you just failed your midterm. Do you need to drop a class?  Who on campus should you discuss this with and where do you go from here? In th more »
  • SVO Call Out Meeting
    October 07 2:30pm
    IUK's SVO was established a few years ago and is led by the current student veterans and ROTC members on campus. We meet regularly throughout the academic year for various events. The SVO seeks to provide veterans and current service members with the resources, assistance, direction, and support necessary for the successful transition from military more »
  • Kingston's Coffeehouse Series 2
    October 07 6:00pm
    Join Kingston and the campus every first Wednesday evening of the month for free coffee, live music, and a casual café environment on campus. Hosted By: Student Union Board Additional Information can be found at: https://iuk.collegiatelink.net/organization/SUB/calendar/details/656876 more »
  • Coming Out Panel
    October 08 12:00pm
    Have you ever wondered how someone felt when they came out to their friends and family? Listen to the stories of those who came out and identify as being LGBTQA. Hosted By: Cougar Advocates for Diversity Additional Information can be found at: https://iuk.collegiatelink.net/organization/CAD/calendar/details/656879 more »
  • Secular Student Alliance Meeting
    October 08 2:30pm
    This meeting will be a general meeting. Come prepared to discuss hot topics and anything else that is on your mind. Hosted By: Secular Student Alliance Additional Information can be found at: https://iuk.collegiatelink.net/organization/SSA/calendar/details/694706 more »
October 4 - 10, 2015