• Ecolunch: "Title TBA." Speaker TBA.
    October 24 12:00pm
  • Holland Lecture: "Cryo-EM for the visualization of structure, interaction and dynamics." Prof. Eva Nogales, University of California - Berkeley.
    October 24 4:00pm
    We are dedicated to gaining mechanistic insight into two important areas of eukaryotic biology: central dogma machinery in the control of gene expression, and cytoskeleton interactions and dynamics in cell division. The unifying principle in our work is the study of macromolecular assemblies as whole units of molecular function by direct visuali more »
  • EEB Brown Bag: "Sedentary songbirds (Junco hyemalis) exhibit higher prevalence of Plasmodium infections relative to coexisting conspecifics throughout winter and early spring." Sam Slowinski .
    October 25 11:30am
  • Microbiology Seminar Series: "Mechanism of biofilm formation: Structure and Regulation." Fitnat Yildiz, University of California - Santa Cruz.
    October 25 4:00pm
    Biofilms are surface-attached microbial communities that are composed of microorganisms and a matrix composed of extra-polymeric substances, such as exopolysaccharides, proteins, and nucleic acids.  Ability to form biofilms enhances environmental survival and infectivity Vibrio cholerae, a bacterium responsible for the disease. I will discu more »
  • BMB Research Club Series: "Title TBA." Hui Peng (Giedroc).
    October 26 12:00pm
October 16 - 22, 2016