• Women in Science Monthly Lunch
    February 11 11:30am
    Come have lunch with fellow Women in Science and discuss upcoming events! more »
  • Evolution Discussion Group: "Coevolving parasites constrain the spread of self-fertilization into outcrossing host populations, but do not induce plastic changes in host mating propensity." Sam Slowinski (Lively/Ketterson).
    February 11 2:30pm
    Given the cost of sex, outcrossing populations should be susceptible to invasion and replacement by self-fertilization or parthenogenesis. However, biparental sex is common in nature, suggesting that cross-fertilization has substantial short-term benefits. The Red Queen hypothesis (RQH) suggests that coevolution with parasites can generate persi more »
  • GCDB Seminar Series: "Reconstructing the transition to multicellularity: genetic and genomic insights from Volvocine algae." Jim Umen, Enterprise Institute for Renewable Fuels, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.
    February 11 4:00pm
    Multicellular organization is considered a major transition in evolution and has arisen over two dozen times independently in different domains of life. What are the key innovations that enable this transition and how do they arise from an ancestral unicellular life history? Volvocine algae are a clade of organisms that encapsulate the transitio more »
  • Preparing Future Faculty Conference
    February 12 8:00am
    Focus on the Future: Opportunities and Challenges in the Next Generation University more »
  • MicroPhiles (Microbiology Research Discussions): "Regulation of Flagellar Biosynthesis by an Evolutionarily Conserved Translation Elongation Factor." Kate Hummels (Kearns).
    February 12 12:20pm
February 7 - 13, 2016