• Titan arum (aka corpse flower) producing bloom in Jordan Hall greenhouse
    July 29 12:00am
    This rare plant, which produces the world's largest inflorescence, is expected to bloom soon. The corpse flower is a native of Sumatra.  It gets its nickname because of the stench of rotting flesh it emits while in full bloom to attract pollinators. It takes 8 or more years before it blooms.  The bloom only lasts 24-36 hour more »
  • Special Seminar: "Electron cryomicroscopy for in situ structural biology." Tanmay Bharat, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge Medical Campus.
    July 29 10:30am
  • Gill Center Lecture: "Neuro-vascular interactions in the developing and diseased brain." Baptiste Lacoste, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.
    July 29 12:00pm
    In recent years, there has been growing scientific evidence that neurological disorders can originate from, or be perpetuated by, the brain vasculature. Indeed, chronic and acute abnormalities of cerebrovascular networks were linked to the onset and/or progression of brain tumours, stroke, migraine, as well as Alzheimer's disease and other f more »
  • Special Presentation: "Understanding the evolution of evolvability using the theory of memory, learning and generalization." Dr. Richard A. Watson, Institute for Life Sciences/Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.
    August 05 2:00pm
    In order for evolution by natural selection to explain the adaptation that we observe in natural populations we must account for the availability of suitable variations that natural selection can act on. Rupert Riedl, an early pioneer of evolutionary developmental biology, suggested that this is facilitated by a specific developmental organisati more »
  • Science on Tap: The Human Mind
    August 23 7:00pm
July 24 - 30, 2016