• Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: "Feedbacks between host stage structure and parasites: two case studies of disease in amphibians and plankton." Jessica Hite (Hall Lab).
    May 27 11:00am
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: "The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in prairie grassland succession and restoration." Elizabeth Koziol (Bever Lab).
    June 01 10:30am
  • Women in Science Monthly Lunch
    June 09 11:30am
    Come have lunch with fellow Women in Science and discuss upcoming events! more »
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: "Developing quantitative and population genomics techniques to test evolutionary theories." Matt Ackerman (Lynch Lab).
    June 10 3:00pm
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Defense: "Epigenetic Regulation of Replication Origins." Neha Paranjape (Calvi Lab).
    June 14 11:00am
May 22 - 28, 2016