• Microbiology Seminar Series: "Host entry mechanisms of Salmonella and Shigella phages ." Kristin Parent, Ph.D.
    January 16 4:00pm
    The molecular mechanisms that govern Podoviridae genome delivery are not completely understood. Productive infection requires precise docking to a designated location on the cell surface to enable delivery of the viral genome through several steps that may include: initial specific recognition of the cell surface through interaction with a host more »
  • GCDB Seminar Series: "Confessions of a romantic: Towards reproducibility and scalability in computational genomics." Volker Brendel, Ph.D. Professor. Indiana University
    January 18 4:00pm
    Molecular and genome biology have undergone a major transition in the last two decades that now make experiments routinely produce millions of data points.  Researchers have been poorly prepared to adjust to the commensurate problems of data quality control, documentation, reproducibility, and scalability in the new research environment.&nb more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Causes and consequences of behavioral plasticity in bees." Karen Kapheim, Ph.D. Utah State University
    January 19 4:00pm
    The great insect societies found among ants, bees, and wasps are exemplars of phenotypic plasticity, as multiple behavioral and morphological phenotypes (castes: queens, workers) develop from a shared genotype. This plasticity provides the substrate for some of the most sophisticated forms of cooperative behavior found among animals. Yet the rol more »
  • Graduate Recruitment Weekend
    February 15 12:00am
    Invited prospective graduate students meet with faculty and current students as a chance to get acquainted with department, IU, and Bloomington.  Planned social activities scheduled, too. more »
January 14 - 20, 2018