• Ecolunch: "Title TBA." Amy Snyder.
    March 27 12:00pm
  • Chromosome & Genome Research Group: "Topoisomerase I - catalyzed genomic ribonucleotide removal in yeast.” Hengyao Niu, Indiana University.
    March 28 11:30am
  • EEB Brown Bag: "Title TBD." Speaker TBD.
    March 28 11:30am
  • Microbiology Seminar Series: "Why microbiologists collect stamps: the essential role of “useless” research." Yves Brun.
    March 28 4:00pm
    I have recently become involved in the Concerned Scientists @ IU group, whose goal is to “strengthen the essential role of science and evidence-based decision making, at both the state and national levels.” As a result, I have started working on a presentation to illustrate the value of curiosity-based research that may appear useles more »
  • BMB Research Club Series: "Title TBA." Speaker TBA.
    March 29 12:00pm
March 26 - April 1, 2017