• Themester 2017: Panel Discussion: "Restoring biodiversity." Heather Reynolds, IU Biology
    September 21 6:00pm
    Exotic invasive plants, animals, and microbes can decimate the biological diversity of ecological systems and cause billions of dollars per year of economic harm and harm to human health. But invasive species proliferate for different reasons, and understanding these differences is critically important for success in managing invasive species an more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Forest invasion: Exploring mechanisms driving vegetation shifts toward exotic species." Sue Kalisz.
    September 22 4:00pm
    It is increasingly clear that humans are the drivers of vegetation change across the globe, including increases in the success of invasive species. Effects can be seen at varying spatial scales at which drivers act and on the temporal scale at which plant assemblages respond.  These patterns provide critical insights for identifying and app more »
  • Brown Bag Seminar Series: "A biographical tale of the insect wings - a three part story of their origins, diversification, and functional significance using a beetle as a model." David Linz, Moczek lab)
    September 26 11:30am
  • Microbiology Seminar Series: "Breaking barriers: Enterovirus infections of the human gastrointestinal tract." Carolyn Coyne.
    September 26 4:00pm
    Abstract: Enteroviruses are a leading source of human infections world- wide and are primarily transmitted by the fecal–oral route. However, very little is known regarding the events associated with enterovirus infection of the human gastrointestinal tract. We have developed parallel models of the human intestinal epithelium, including a p more »
  • GCDB Seminar Series: "Title TBA." Maria Bondesson.
    September 28 4:00pm
September 17 - 23, 2017