Indiana University

  • Ph.D. Defense. Zhijing Huang (Hardy Lab). "Alphavirus-Arthropod Host Interactions: Pathways, Effectors, and Connections."
    July 07 9:30am
  • Master's Thesis Defense. Heshani Nayanga Thirimanne (Calvi Lab). "p53 Isoforms in Stress Response and Development of the Drosophila Female Germline"
    July 08 10:00am
  • Master's Thesis Defense. Megan Meller (Hardy Lab). "Translation Initiation of Sindbis Virus Subgenomic RNA in Vertebrate and Arthropod Cells"
    July 08 10:00am
  • Ph.D. Defense. Nathan Taylor (Palmer Lab). "Evolution of Moss Mitochondrial Genomes Both in Mosses and in the Angiosperm Amborella"
    July 09 10:00am
  • Biology Faculty Meeting
    July 22 4:00pm
July 5 - 11, 2015