• Biology Student Award Ceremony Program and Reception
    April 29 3:30pm
  • Special student seminar and open committee meeting: "Overlapping degron and active site in SwrA, the swarming master regulator." Anna Hughes (Kearns Lab).
    May 03 4:00pm
  • EEB Ph.D. Defense: "Genetics and Evolution of Reproductive Behavior in Solanaceae." CJ Jewell (Moyle Lab).
    May 04 9:00am
  • BMB Research Club Series: "Directional Regulation of the Yeast Kinesin-5, Cin8." Kayla Bell (Cochran Lab).
    May 04 12:30pm
  • EEB Ph.D. Defense: "Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Seasonal Aggression in Females." Nikki Rendon (Demas Lab).
    May 04 1:30pm
April 24 - 30, 2016