• Pride Pantry
    June 20 8:00am
    IUPUC has its own on-campus food pantry located in the Office of Student Affairs, LC 1200. Pride Pantry is open to all current students, staff and faculty members at IUPUC. To visit the pantry, you will need your IUPUC student or staff ID card and you will need to sign a waiver. It’s that simple. Patrons of the pantry are allowed more »
  • How To Retain Good Employees? - Staff Council Professional Development
    June 29 9:00am
    Attendees will learn how best to retain good employees within their organization.  Hiring or replacing employees costs a great deal for any organization.  Learn how to identify good employees and then how best to retain those good employees.  Good employees increase productive and costs the organization less and less over time tha more »
  • FACET/Mack Center SoTL Travel Grant Deadline
    July 01 12:00am
    For more information, visit: https://facet.indiana.edu/events-programs/travel-grants.shtml more »
  • PACC meeting
    July 02 9:30am
    Professional Advisors' Council, Columbus (PACC) The group meets twice a month (1st & 3rd Monday/mo) to work on appreciative advising and a list of advising issues. more »
  • IUPUC Honors Program Orientation and Fall Kick-Off
    July 13 10:00am
    IUPUC Honors Program Orientation & Fall Kick-off more »
June 17 - 23, 2018