• Fall 2016: Pass/Fail Option deadline for Second Eight-Week classes
    October 28 12:00am
    Students must submit form to school/division dean. See Student Central on Union's Pass/Fail Option page for more information. Dates and times are subject to change without notice. See the Official Calendar for more details. more »
  • XML: Transforming Content with XSLT and XPath
    October 28 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 3 hours. XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is used to transform XML documents into other data types, such as XHTML. XPath (XML Path) is a language used to query the data stored in an XML document. This workshop will teach participants to transform XML data into valid more »
  • EXHIBIT: "Hzh: Navajo Beauty, Navajo Weavings"
    October 28 9:00am
    This exhibit will introduce the famed wool rugs and blankets woven by the Navajo people of the Southwestern United States. Situating these textiles within regional history and Navajo culture, the exhibition will focus on the theme of beauty in Navajo cosmology as expressed in the artistry of these treasured weavings. Works presented will be draw more »
  • EXHIBIT: "Siyazama: Traditional Arts, Education, and AIDS in South Africa"
    October 28 9:00am
    Drawing on collaborative research led by Kurt Dewhurst and Marsha McDowell of the Michigan State University Museum and arts education professor Marit Dewhurst (CUNY), this exhibit explores the beauty of traditional forms and their use as a tool for negotiating contemporary cultural, social, and economic change in an area where AIDS/HIV is a very more »
    October 28 9:00am
    "MONSTERS!" are extraordinary or unnatural beings that challenge the predictable fabric of everyday life. This exhibition looks at monsters from around the world, discovering who they are and what purposes they serve in various cultures, as different images of monstrousness emerge from the dark recesses of human imagination. The exhibi more »
October 23 - 29, 2016