• SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management - Certification Exam Info Session
    January 24 4:00pm
    Start your HR career as a certified professional - All HR Majors Welcome!! more »
  • Bijan Seyednasrollah - Environmental Science Seminar
    January 24 4:00pm
    Environmental Data Scientist Richardson Lab Harvard University/Northern Arizona University Tackling major environmental issues using ecoinformatics and big data more »
  • Nicolai Petrovsky, G&M Speaker Series
    January 25 11:30am
    Associate Professor and Director of International Programs Martin School of Public Policy and Administration University of Kentucky more »
  • Full-time faculty meeting
    January 25 1:00pm
    Full-time faculty only. more »
  • Mallory Barnes - Environmental Science Seminar
    January 31 4:00pm
    Postdoctoral Researcher IU SPEA Title: TBD (Environmental informatics) more »
  • DC Career Catalyst
    February 01 9:00am
    DC Career Catalyst more »
  • Shahzeen Attari, Environmental Policy Seminar
    February 01 2:00pm
    Associate Professor IU SPEA Climate Change Advocacy and Ad Hominem Attacks more »
  • Sara Jackrel, Environmental Science Seminar
    February 05 4:00pm
    Postdoctoral Fellow LSA Ecology and Evolution Biology University of Michigan Title: TBD (Environmental informatics) more »
  • Chao Jiang, Environmental Science Seminar
    February 07 4:00pm
    Stanford University Title: TBD (Environmental informatics) more »
  • Diverse Conversation - Dr. Denise Hayes
    February 08 12:00pm
    IU CAPS Director Supporting Students and their Mental Health Questions? Contact Brian Richardson more »
  • Jill Harrison, Environmental Policy Seminar & G&M Speaker Series
    February 08 12:00pm
    Associate Professor of Sociology University of Colorado, Boulder From the Inside Out: The Fight for Environmental Justice within Government Agencies   more »
  • Andy Ault, Environmental Science Seminar
    February 14 4:00pm
    Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences Assistant Professor, Chemistry School of Public Health University of Michigan Title: Studying aerosol properties/chemistry at the single particle level more »
  • Carolyn J. Heinrich, G&M Speaker Series
    February 15 11:00am
    Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy and Education, International Education Policy and Management, Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations. Vanderbilt University more »
  • V252 Career Kickstart
    February 15 12:00pm
    V252 Career Kickstart more »
  • V252 Career Kickstart
    February 15 3:00pm
    V252 Career Kickstart more »
  • Graduate Student Panel - Being First-Gen at IU Speaker Series
    February 19 1:00pm
    First-gen experiences in graduate school Being first generation at IU learning to navigate new spaces and advocating in all places. Sponsored by SPEA's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion more »
  • Ryan Emmanual, Environmental Science Seminar
    February 21 4:00pm
    Center for Geospatial Analytics Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources College of Natural Resources North Carolina State University Topic: Hydrology more »
  • Faculty photo shoot
    February 22 10:00am
    Session is for faculty or staff who needs a new photo taken. more »
  • Marty Ashby, G&M Speaker Series
    February 22 12:00pm
    Executive Director of the Manchester Craftsmen Guild Jazz in Pittsburgh more »
  • Godfreyb Ssekajja, Environmental Policy Seminar
    February 22 2:00pm
    Graduate and Joint Ph.D. Student Department of Political Science Indiana University   The Impact of Migration on Common Property Institutions: A Theoretical, Laboratory and Field Analysis of Lake Victoria Communities more »
January 2019