• Spring 2019: 50% Refund deadline for 2nd 8-Week classes
    March 24 12:00am
    For more information, see https://studentcentral.indiana.edu/pay-for-college/receive-refund/index.html. Dates and times are subject to change without notice. See the Official Calendar for more details. more »
  • Navruz at Indiana Unviersity
    March 24 5:30pm
    The Navruz Students Association at Indiana University presents NAVRUZ Celebrate the Iranian and Central Asian New Year with song, dance, and food! Sunday, March 24, 2017 Concert, 5:30pm (doors open at 5:00) Fine Arts Auditorium Reception, 7:00pm GISB Atrium and Lounge Please join us in celebrating Navruz (No more »
  • Ostrom Workshop Monday Colloquium Series
    March 25 12:00pm
    Michael Alexeev Department of Economics, IU more »
  • REEI Russian-language colloquium: Angelina Kozlovskaya
    March 25 12:15pm
    "Between Play and Reality: Children’s Supernatural Beliefs in the Digital Age" - Visiting scholar Angelina Kozlovskaya, PhD student at the European University-St. Petersburg will discuss her research in anthropology. She is interested in the anthropology of childhood, contemporary legends, supernatural beliefs, and more »
  • Brazilian Literary Spring: Alexandre Vidal Porto, "Cloro: The Genesis of a Novel"
    March 25 3:00pm
    In this Horizons of Knowledge lecture, Brazilian writer Alexandre Vidal Porto  will discuss (in English) the creative process behind his latest novel, Cloro (2019), a novel that deals with issues related to sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community in contemporary Brazilian society. more »
Sunday, March 24, 2019