• Student Leader Luncheon
    February 12 12:30pm
    Sponsored by the Asian Culture Center, these monthly meetings of all Asian student leaders is an opportunity for student leaders to network, get support, and learn from each other’s activities. Community organizations and other student groups are welcome to attend, especially to make important announcements. Please email acc@indiana.edu to more »
  • Asian Cultures Around Campus, featuring Calligraphy Lessons
    February 12 2:00pm
    Learn and practice the ancient art of East Asian Calligraphy. During our meetings, the instructor will share interesting facts about calligraphy as well as teach you to write in the ancient script. Beginners are welcome and encouraged, and lessons are free and open to the public. For more information, please email acc@indiana.edu. Informal class more »
  • Weekly Asian Games
    February 12 4:00pm
    Mah-Jong is a game of skill coupled with wit and fortune. Come to play, learn, or teach this wonderful games. For more information, please email acc@indiana.edu. Let's Play Mahjong, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, led by Flynn Xu and Joy Zhao more »
  • Show Me The Money: Internships, Professional Development, and Career Exploration Strategies for Success Week 2: Developing Your Brand: Professional Portfolios, Resumes, Recommendations, and More
    February 12 7:00pm
    Current African-American graduate students will discuss the ways in which they have branded themselves professionally to assist them in their professional development process. more »
  • Paso a Paso: Two to Tango
    February 13 1:00pm
    Tango is regarded as one of the most passionate and popular dances from Latin America. The strength and bravado of the man, the beauty and grace of the woman all come together to create something that words can never describe. More info contact gjescobe@umail.iu.edu.   more »
Wednesday, September 10, 2014