• Latino Congratulatory Ceremony
    May 07 2:00pm
    Latino Congratulatory Ceremony: This ceremony recognizes graduating Latino undergraduate and graduate students in a celebration that includes family and friends. Parking is available in the parking lot across from the street from the center.  more »
  • "Yes I Can. Yo Si Puedo": A history of the Cuban literacy campaign
    May 11 4:00pm
    Dedicated to the effort to extend Cuba's success in combating illiteracy, Luisa Yara Campos not only directs the Literacy Museum in Havana, she trains others in the "Yo Si Puedo" (Yes I Can) campaign. Campos will discuss her work at a talk at the Mathers Museum, sponsored by CUBAmistad, the sister-city project linking Bloomington, more »
Sunday, January 19, 2014