• Let's Talk at the ACC
    October 17 1:30pm
    “Let’s Talk” is a free and confidential informal consultation with an emphasis on self-understanding and finding solutions to problems provided at the ACC. In addition to walk-in conversation, Let’s Talk connects students to other accessible campus resources, both informal and formal. Walk-ins welcome! more »
  • Wellness and Culture - Costa Rican Carretas Coasters
    October 17 5:00pm
    Stressed? Take some time to relax with a group of folks who can lend a listening ear and a supportive shoulder ~ all while using your creative juices. Co-sponsored by School of Public Health Living-Learning Center and La Casa.   more »
  • Asian Language Learning Program: Mandarin Beginner
    October 17 5:00pm
    The class is for beginners who are interested in learning Mandarin. We will learn the basic elements of Mandarin, such as general conversation, pinyin and pronunciation, the strokes, writing, and some knowledge about Chinese culture. Visit the Asian Culture Center's website to see all of our Asian language classes! more »
  • Tutoring--Math and Writing
    October 17 6:00pm
    Everyone needs a little help sometimes. That's why the Academic Support Center offers free tutoring and works with students to help them develop the study skills needed to succeed in the classroom. Tutoring assistance for a variety of subjects is available on a walk-in basis every evening (Sunday-Thursday) in several OVEPDEMA satellite more »
  • Asian Language Learning Program: Mandarin Intermediate
    October 17 6:00pm
    This is an intermediate Chinese class for students who know some basic Mandarin (no matter in your high school class, C101/201 at IU, or just from some friends who can speak Chinese) and interested in improving the skills; if you had already finished the beginner level Mandarin in ACC, you’re welcomed to participate in our upper level class; also more »
Monday, June 19, 2017