• “Kissing the Mezuzah: Jews Between Public and Private Space” - 4th Annual Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association Conference
    February 11 8:00am
    his conference will explore the ways in which Judaism and Jewishness have been, and continue to be negotiated with respect to space and place. We welcome submissions on topics as diverse as architecture, urban spaces, and sites of memory; textual and linguistic spaces, translations, and dialect; gender, sexuality, and the body; geography, migrat more »
  • London, Barcelona, Pamplona - Info Session
    February 11 12:30pm
    Need World Language and Culture Credits?! Want to study abroad while earning credits toward your SPEA major?!   Come vist with us, eat FREE PIZZA, and learn about three amazing programs. You can choose one, or do all three this summer (for up to 12 credits)! more »
  • GCDB Seminar Series: "Reconstructing the transition to multicellularity: genetic and genomic insights from Volvocine algae." Jim Umen, Enterprise Institute for Renewable Fuels, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.
    February 11 4:00pm
    Multicellular organization is considered a major transition in evolution and has arisen over two dozen times independently in different domains of life. What are the key innovations that enable this transition and how do they arise from an ancestral unicellular life history? Volvocine algae are a clade of organisms that encapsulate the transitio more »
  • Chris Craft, Environmental Science Seminar
    February 11 4:00pm
    Environmental Gradients, Ecosystem Services and Disturbance: The Life and Times of Coastal Wetlands   more »
  • Political Forum
    February 11 4:00pm
    SPEA hosts a panel discussion on the 2016 elections with Les Lenkowsky, Paul Helmke, John Zody, Jill Long Thompson, and Marjorie Hershey All welcome, questions and comments encouraged. Sponsored by the Civic Leaders Center more »
December 9 - 15, 2012