Indiana University

  • Frankenstein's Skeleton, Wendell Piez, Piez Consulting Services
    April 27 4:00pm
    Frankenstein's Skeleton Wendell Piez Piez Consulting Services In 1816 Mary Shelley wrote a book that has become more than a classic, inscribing not only a text, but a troubling idea, indelibly into world consciousness. Now we have computationally tractable forms of text, it is possible to examine this novel directly, not more »
  • Concert of Music from Coastal Peru
    April 27 8:00pm
    The students of Folk-F315/638 (South American Performance and Culture) invite you to a concert of criollo and Afro-Peruvian music. Come listen to festejos, landós, valses, polkas and marineras and celebrate the end of the Spring semester! more »
  • AAST End of Year Recognition Reception featuring Professor Dina Okamoto (Sociology) book talk, Redefining Race: Asian American Panethnicity and Shifting Ethnic Boundaries
    April 28 3:00pm
    This event will feature a book talk by Professor Dina Okamoto (sociology), author of the recently published Redefining Race: Asian American Panethnicity and Shifting Ethnic Boundaries. more »
  • Micro Seminar Series. David Baltrus, University of Arizona. "Microbiomes inside if microbes: diverse facultative endohyphal bacteria alter fungal phenotypes"
    April 28 4:00pm
    Abstract: Through interactions ranging from mutualism to parasitism, symbioses sculpt biological processes at scales ranging from molecules to ecosystems, thus enriching phenotypic expression far beyond the genetic and taxonomic richness of the tree of life. As such, symbiont-mediated phenotypic variation has emerged as a fundamental but lit more »
  • "The Electoral Significance of Divided Behavior: Conditional Consequences of Voter Perceptions" by Zachary Greene
    April 29 12:00pm
    Political parties rarely act as consistent or unified organizations and evidence suggests that internal divisions have consequences for parties’ choice of leaders, their election platforms, and even their voting behavior in parliament. Do perceptions of parties' disunity hold implications for their electoral success? I propose tha more »
Wednesday, October 30, 2013