Indiana University

  • Israel in the Middle East? Nonwestern identities in Jewish Israeli Society
    April 23 10:00am
    It has long been argued that in developing itself as a western nation, Israel missed an opportunity to root itself in its Middle Eastern setting. In particular, it has been argued that Israel failed to utilize its mass immigration of Jews from the Middle East to create an identity for itself that was both Jewish and Arab. Work in this vein, howe more »
  • "Negotiating personal engagement and professional accountability: Social work as ethics work"
    April 23 11:00am
    This presentation will examine the relationship between personal engagement and professional accountability in human services professions, with particular reference to social work.  It will consider whether the increasing focus on professional accountability in the context of the new public management, public austerity and market-based syst more »
  • Spring Energy Challenge Awards Ceremony
    April 23 12:00pm
    Spring Energy Challenge 2014 concludes with an award ceremony. For more information, visit the website: more »
  • Stuart Henderson, Fermilab, "Are Particle Accelerators Ready to Drive Subcritical Nuclear Reactors?"
    April 23 4:00pm
    Accelerator-driven subcritical nuclear reactors, also known as accelerator-driven systems (ADS), have been considered for various advanced nuclear energy applications.  Accelerator-driven systems may be deployed for the transmutation of nuclear waste, generation of electrical power, and for the production of fissile materials for advanced f more »
  • Grace Zhai, University of Miami. "A balancing act: how to regulate the neuroprotective and NAD synthetic role of NMNAT"
    April 23 4:00pm
    Dr. Grace Zhai's research is focused on the mechanisms of neurodegeneration and protection, with an emphasis on the endogenous maintenance programs in the nervous system that can be enhanced to offer neuroprotection. Her group identified and characterized a novel neuronal maintenance and protective function of NMNAT (nicotinamide mononucleot more »
Wednesday, October 30, 2013