• From Baghdad to Paris: The Extending Reach of ISIL
    November 30 12:00pm
    The Center on American and Global Security (CAGS), the Institute for European Studies (EURO), and the Center for the Study of the Middle East (CSME) will be co-sponsoring a panel on the recent attack on the city of Paris entitled "From Baghdad to Paris: The Extending Reach of ISIL." Panelists will include& more »
  • Panel: "From Baghdad to Paris: The Extending Reach of ISIL"
    November 30 12:00pm
    Panelists include: Dr. Sumit Ganguly Director, Center on American and Global Security Ambassador Feisal Istrabadi Director, Center for the Study of the Middle East Dr. Brett Bowles Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian   more »
  • Matthew Heath, Indiana University, "Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering at the Spallation Neutron Source with the COHERENT Collaboration"
    November 30 4:00pm
    Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering (CEvNS) was first predicted 40 years ago. CEvNS has a large predicted cross section, and many useful physics motivations (eg. supernovae processes and dark matter direct detection background), but to date has never been observed due to low nuclear recoil energies. Recent WIMP dark matter detector adva more »
  • "Taken and the Misrepresentation of Sex Trafficking" Lecture by IU Adjunct Professor Dr. Stepanka Korytova
    November 30 4:30pm
    IU Adjunct Professor Dr. Stepanka Korytova researches the intersection of sex trafficking and domestic violence, and is the author of Global Human Trafficking Bibliography 2000-2010.     more »
  • LECTURE: "'Taken' and the (Mis) representation of Sex Trafficking
    November 30 4:30pm
    Dr. Stepanka Korytova will discuss the Hollywood and media portrayals of sex trafficking, and how they compare to the data and the reality of sex trafficking.  Dr. Korytova published Global Human Trafficking Bibliography 2000-2010, available on the Global Center website and in The Kinsey Institute's library. Her current research foc more »
Wednesday, October 30, 2013