• Joanna Woronkowicz - Summer Faculty Research Workshop
    May 25 12:00pm
    Government Funding and Excess Endowments at Charitable Organizations more »
  • Sanya Carley - Summer Faculty Research Workshop
    June 01 12:00pm
    Topic: Energy policy more »
  • Nikos Zirogiannis - Summer Faculty Research Workshop
    June 08 12:00pm
    An Empirical Analysis of Excess Air Emissions from Industrial Facilities (collaborated with David Konisky and Alex Hollingsworth) more »
  • Anthony Liu - Summer Faculty Research Workshop
    June 15 12:00pm
    The Effect of Vehicle Restrictions on Female Labor Supply more »
  • 2017 Environmental Politics and Governance Conference, June 21-24
    June 21 8:00am
    This annual conference aims to showcase outstanding scholarship on environmental politics and governance, provide a venue for scholars to present their research and strengthen their network, and shape future environmental politics and governance research across the social sciences through theoretically informed and methodologically rigorous empi more »
Friday, October 26, 2012