Indiana University

  • Cinema movie: Devil Strikes at Night 1957
    February 26 6:30pm
    Nachts wenn der Teufel kam (The Devil Strikes at Night) tackles the paradox of a serial killer at large in a society premised on exponential serial killing, Nazi Germany, and against the carnage of the Second World War. Directed in 1957 by Robert Siodmak on his return from Hollywood, Nachts mixes expressionist lighting and documentary footage to more »
  • BlackBoard Poetry Night
    February 26 7:00pm
    Sponsored by the Black Student Union with additional support from the Ruth Lilly Professor of Poetry Ross Gay The BlackBoard Poetry Night featuring Miles Hodges and Joshua Bennett is open to the public and is free of charge. Students will get priority seating. Joshua Bennett hails from Yonkers, NY. He is a doctoral candidate in the Engli more »
  • John Dechant, "Ahmad-i Jam and the Making of a Miracle Story"
    February 27 11:30am
    Please join the Islamic Studies Program for a lunchtime lecture series talk presented by John Dechant!  Free and open to the public. Abstract: While fantastic narratives like miracle stories have often been dismissed as works composed by or for the “naive” and “simple-minded,” they are often carefully cr more »
  • EASC Colloquium: Gifted Gazers: Visions of Viewing in Southern Song (1127-1279) Buddhist Painting (Phillip Bloom, Art History, IU Bloomington)
    February 27 12:00pm
    Crafted between 1178 and 1188 for ritual use in a small temple near Ningbo, a set of one hundred hanging scrolls depicting the Five Hundred Arhats—semi-human, semi-divine disciples of the historical Buddha Śākyamuni—possesses a puzzling peculiarity: more often than not, the deities are depicted, quite simply, gazing.  more »
  • Research Colloquium: "Protecting your Research Persona"
    February 27 12:30pm
    Doctoral student Rosemary Pennington, assistant professor Laura Meadows and professor Radhika Parameswaran, “Going on the Academic Job Market: Projecting your Research Persona.” Research Colloquium, 12:30 p.m., Ernie Pyle Hall lounge.  more »
Friday, October 26, 2012