• “Kissing the Mezuzah: Jews Between Public and Private Space” - 4th Annual Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association Conference
    February 11 8:00am
    his conference will explore the ways in which Judaism and Jewishness have been, and continue to be negotiated with respect to space and place. We welcome submissions on topics as diverse as architecture, urban spaces, and sites of memory; textual and linguistic spaces, translations, and dialect; gender, sexuality, and the body; geography, migrat more »
  • NEA and NEH Funding Information Session
    February 12 10:00am
    Please join us for an arts and humanities faculty funding information session on Friday, Feb. 12, from PM in Wells Library E171. This session will provide an overview of NEA and NEH funding opportunities. Associate Vice Provost for Arts & Humanities Ed Comentale will facilitate the session. Previous award winners and organization reviewers w more »
  • EASC Colloquium Series - "Japan's Grand Strategy" - Richard J. Samuels (Professor of Poliical Science, MIT)
    February 12 12:00pm
    Professor Richard Samuels (MIT) will present "Japan's Grand Strategy" as part of the Spring 2016 EASC Colloquium Series. Presented as part of the SGIS "East Asia and the World" Speaker Series more »
  • Student Leader Luncheon
    February 12 12:30pm
    Sponsored by the Asian Culture Center, these monthly meetings of all Asian student leaders is an opportunity for student leaders to network, get support, and learn from each other’s activities. Community organizations and other student groups are welcome to attend, especially to make important announcements. Please email acc@indiana.edu to more »
  • Tony Lee, IUPUI, "Unconventional magnetism in dissipative atomic systems"
    February 12 1:30pm
    Cold atoms provide an opportunity to see new collective behavior far from equilibrium, since atomic systems are intrinsically dissipative due to spontaneous emission. In addition to creating new phenomena, nonequilibrium dynamics are also useful for generating entangled states for quantum metrology. In this talk, I discuss how dissipation enrich more »
Thursday, April 24, 2014