• Exhibit: Eat Your Vegetables: Five Centuries of Vegetarianism and the Printed Word
    August 26 12:00am
    The Lilly Library is pleased to announce its summer exhibition. “Eat Your Vegetables! Five Centuries of Vegetarianism and the Printed Word” will survey the history and impact of vegetarian movements on society, and it will also contain a variety of cookbooks that emphasize vegetarian cuisine.  The materials in this exhibition ar more »
  • 5th Annual Microbiology Retreat: Keynote Speaker: Matt Chapman, University of Michigan.
    August 27 9:00am
  • Ecolunch: Creative Science/Meeting.
    August 29 12:00pm
  • Outstanding Faculty Collaborative Research Award Lecture
    August 30 3:30pm
    The Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research are pleased to co-sponsor the 2016 Outstanding Faculty Collaborative Research Lecture, featuring the accomplishments of collaborative faculty teams at IU Bloomington. Two collaborative faculty teams have been chosen to recieve the 2016 award: Kim Novick and Rich Phillips, more »
  • Jinfeng Liao, Indiana University, "More Is Different: This Time for QCD"
    August 31 4:00pm
    The famous term “More Is Different”, was first introduced by P. W. Anderson to emphasize the limitations of reductionism and the emergence of hierarchical levels of science, each of which requires its own fundamental principles. While at the time Anderson had in mind the usual condensed matter physics based on electromagnetism, his p more »
Thursday, April 24, 2014