• Exhibit: Student Reform Movements at IU
    June 29 8:00am
    For freshman Theodore Dreiser in 1889, Indiana University served as fertile ground for his future literary endeavors, but to him “the life of the town, the character of its people, the professors and the students, and the mechanism, politics, and social interests of the University body proper” were far more influential. For generatio more »
  • FACET/Mack Center SoTL Travel Grant Deadline
    July 01 12:00am
    For more information, visit: https://facet.indiana.edu/events-programs/travel-grants.shtml more »
  • PAPF and G&M Summer Research Workshop
    July 06 12:00pm
    Joanna Woronkowicz Switching Among Artists: Modeling the Decision to Select into Self-Employment more »
  • PAPF and G&M Summer Research Workshop
    July 13 12:00pm
    Amanda Rutherford Politics and Management in Education more »
Thursday, April 24, 2014