• Asian Cultures Around Campus featuring Henna 101
    September 24 5:00pm
    Come to the ACC to learn the ancient Indian art of henna designs. We will have hands-on experience as well as the chance to learn basic techniques and designs. If bringing a group larger than 6, please email acc@indiana.edu in advance. more »
  • Asian Culture Center’s Over a Cup of Tea presents, “Resistance and Persistence of Indigenous Peoples and the Decolonization of Mainstream Media in Canada (1969 - 2018)” with Prof. Lorna Roth, Professor Emerita, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    September 25 5:00pm
    Dr. Roth will historically contextualize and provide an overview of the current status of indigenous media in Canada with a focus on television and film development in Canada’s North. Her talk will also reference Internet and digital media challenges and initiatives within First Peoples’ communities. In addition, Dr. Roth will discus more »
  • Asian Cultures Around Campus featuring Calligraphy Lessons
    September 26 5:00pm
    Learn and practice the ancient art of East Asian Calligraphy. During our meetings, the instructor will share interesting facts about calligraphy as well as teach you to write in the ancient script in both brush and hard-pen formats. For more information, please email acc@indiana.edu. more »
  • Asian Culture Center’s Student Leader Networking
    September 28 12:00pm
    Sponsored by the Asian Culture Center, these monthly meetings of all Asian student leaders is an opportunity for student leaders to network, get support, and learn from each other’s activities. Community organizations and other student groups are welcome to attend, especially to make important announcements. Lunch provided! Please email ac more »
  • Asian Culture Center’s FriDate hosted by the Asian Culture Center and the LBTQ+ Culture Center, Letter Writing to Elected Officials
    September 28 4:00pm
    Political involvement isn’t just for the voting booth! Learn how to correspond effectively with your elected officials, and let your voice be heard as their constituent. All materials will be provided. more »
Wednesday, September 12, 2018