• Flow Cytometry Seminar: Christiane Hassel, MS, Manager, Indiana University Flow Cytometry Core Facility
    February 19 12:30pm
    Want to learn about a powerful and portable (on a cart) flow cytometer, and what flow cytometry can do for you and/or your lab courses?  I’ll be just back from training and will tell you all about the newest addition to the IU-Bloomington Flow Cytometry Core Facility, the MACSQuant VYB, plus provide you with some background on flow cy more »
  • Microbiology Seminar Series: "Title TBA." Karla Satchell, Ph.D. Northwestern University
    February 20 4:00pm
  • Sonneborn Lecture: "How a really really big structure facilitates meiosis." Scott Hawley, University of Kansas Medical Center.
    February 22 4:00pm
    Although many of the core aspects of the meiotic process are highly conserved, many of the proteins and structures that mediate meiosis are rapidly evolving. Two examples of that diversity are the proteins that comprise the central region of the synaptonemal complex (SC) and the Mtrm protein (a regulator of Polo kinase). Our discussion of the SC more »
  • Microphiles Research Discussion Series: "Title TBD." Dr. Maxime Jacq (Brun Lab).
    February 23 12:20pm
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Predicting forest responses to drought stress by linking stomata to whole-plant hydraulic strategies." Bill Anderegg, Ph.D. University of Utah
    February 23 4:00pm
    Forests absorb a quarter of human carbon dioxide emissions, greatly slowing down climate change, but the future of Earth's forests in a rapidly changing climate is highly uncertain. Plant stomata exert first order control on carbon, water, and energy cycling in ecosystems, yet most predictions of stomatal conductance arise from empirical reg more »
Sunday, February 18, 2018