• Christa Kelleher, Environmental Science Speaker Series
    March 30 4:00pm
    Computational Hydrologist Earth Sciences College of Arts and Sciences Syracuse University more »
  • Ron Shadbegian, Environmental Policy Seminar
    March 31 11:00am
    U.S. EPA Title: TBA (Cosponsored with PAPF) more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "From Missouri to Panama: plant-microbial interactions as stabilizing forces to the maintenance of plant diversity." Scott Mangan, Washington University St. Louis.
    March 31 4:00pm
    There is increasing evidence that interactions between plants and their soil-borne microbes have fundamental impacts on plant diversity and species relative abundances. Ongoing work by my group in both tropical forests of Panama and temperate prairies of Missouri couples field and greenhouse experiments, plant pathology, and metagenomics to answer more »
  • Anna Rosling, Environmental Science Speaker Series
    April 06 4:00pm
    Reseracher, Evolutionary Biology Uppsala University Topic: soil biogeochem more »
  • Mariana Cains, Environmental Policy Seminar
    April 07 2:00pm
    SPEA Ph.D. Student Title: TBA more »
Sunday, March 26, 2017