• Todd Sanford, Environmental Science Speaker Series
    October 26 4:00pm
    Climate Scientist Climate Central Topic: Climate Change more »
  • GCDB Seminar Series: "Title TBA." David Plachetzki.
    October 26 4:00pm
  • Martin Delaroche, Environmental Policy Seminar
    October 27 2:00pm
    SPEA Graduate Student The Impact of Legal Uncertainty on Deforesation Patterns In the Brazilian Amazon. A Long Term Examination of Mato Grosso's Environmental Policy more »
  • Yuri Kim, Geography, Indiana University-Bloomington
    October 27 3:30pm
    TBA more »
  • IU Cinema: Baraka
    October 29 3:00pm
    Baraka is a unique, beautiful, genre-breaking film that stimulates reflection on cultural and spiritual diversity, as well as fragility and resilience in the natural world. It conveys the beauty of human diversity and the dangers of environmental destruction in images and music, without dialogue. Since its initial r more »
Sunday, October 22, 2017