• Environmental Policy Seminar: Kerry Ard, Ohio State University
    March 23 2:00pm
    The Effect of Public Opinion on Environmental Policy in the Face of the Environmental Countermovement more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Mechanisms of Rhizosphere Decomposition and Feedbacks to Primary Production." Jennifer Krumins, Ph.D, Montclair State University.
    March 23 4:00pm
    Classical food web theory once limited to trophic relationships has evolved to embrace a variety of network interactions such as mutualisms and indirect effects.  The process of decomposition is one of the most critical network interactions that indirectly influences all ecosystem functioning, especially primary production.  Likewise, more »
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Colloquia: Can Chavez, Purdue University. Title: TBA.
    March 26 4:00pm
    Reception will be held in lobby prior to talk, beginning at 3:30 PM.  more »
  • Environmental Policy Seminar: Seth Blumsack, Pennsylvania State University (joint with PAPF)
    March 28 2:00pm
    Can Electricity Markets be Designed by Democracy more »
  • EEB Seminar Series: "Title TBA." Jeremiah Busch, Ph.D. Washington State University
    March 30 4:00pm
      Refreshments served prior to seminar.   more »
Thursday, March 22, 2018