• EXHIBIT: "Thoughts, Things, and Theories...What is Culture?"
    August 23 9:00am
    Thoughts, Things, and Theories...What Is Culture? explores the nature of culture. more »
  • EXHIBIT: "Beijing's 798 Art Zone"
    August 23 9:00am
    After the turn of the 21st century, artists and cultural entrepreneurs began colonizing a former military factory complex in northeast Beijing. Taking its name from that numbered factory, the 798 Art Zone is an urban arts colony that now attracts visitors from around China and the world. Offering a glimpse of a compelling place that is both visu more »
  • EXHIBIT: "Tools of Travel"
    August 23 9:00am
    This exhibit features objects that people in different times and places have used to transport themselves and their belongings, exploring the technology of travel (wagon, saddle, sled, and canoe) and how it is powered (horse, camel, dog, and human). The exhibit will temporarily close May 8 through August 21; but will re-open August 22, and be op more »
  • Let's Talk @ the ACC
    August 23 5:00pm
    “Let’s Talk” is a free and confidential informal consultation with an emphasis on self-understanding and finding solutions to problems provided at the ACC. In addition to walk-in conversation, Let’s Talk connects students to other accessible campus resources, both informal and formal. Walk-ins welcome! more »
  • Symposium: Light/Matter | Introductory Lecture by Walter Jule
    August 23 5:30pm
    Introductory Lecture by Walter Jule (Canada) 5:30 – 6:30pm, Fine Arts 015 The Light/Matter Symposium will feature lectures, panel discussions, and an Open House with participation by the curators and artists from Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Four of the exhibiting artists will be invited to attend, present key-note l more »
Friday, October 11, 2013