• Sixth Annual McCloskey Lecture. Empty Nation, Empty State: Living Democracy in the Post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina
    October 27 4:00pm
    A cultural anthropologist with research interests in the anthropology of international policy in the context of peace-building and democratization, Azra Hromadzic is the author of Citizens of an Empty Nation: Youth and State-Making in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015), which examines the polarizing effects of ev more »
  • Shades of Eros: Greek Songs of Love and Loss
    October 27 7:00pm
    “Shades of Eros” is a hybrid event blending lecture and musical performance. League will be exploring the themes of love and loss in Greek folk song, and introducing us to the distinct musical traditions of dierent Greek islands. Panayotis (Paddy) League is an ethnomusicologist, performer, and composer specializing in the interse more »
  • Matters of Taste and Time in Anatolian Greek Music
    October 28 5:00pm
    In his talk, Panayiotis will examine the intersection between the sense of taste and the sense of time in the musical practices of Anatolian Greek musicians and dancers. Specically, he focuses on members of an extended family of musicians descended from migrants from the island of Lesvos and the Aegean coast of Asia Minor, whose regional music a more »
  • Esther Dischereit: Flowers for Otello: On the Crimes of Jena (Blumen für Otello: Über die Verbrechen von Jena)
    October 31 6:30pm
    Dedicated to the families of the nine people who were killed in a series of racist murders committed by the so-called National Socialist Underground, NSU, in 2000-2007. The perpetrators could commit these acts over many years with the help of a broad circle of friends and supporters in East as well as West Germany, and due to the failure of stat more »
  • Antisemitism in France in 2016
    November 03 4:00pm
    Lecture and Discussion by Jean Yves Camus, French Institute for International & Strategic Affairs. Jews are demonized in France by the extreme right with traditional stereotypes and by the radical left in anti-Zionist forms. Dr. Camus will explain how fringe groups of the extreme right and parts of the far left find common ground in radi more »
April 6 - 12, 2014