• Dutch Culture Night
    February 21 5:30pm
    Come learn more about the Dutch program and enjoy food and music! https://euro.indiana.edu/news-events/events/index.html more »
  • The Art of Proposal Writing
    February 22 1:00pm
    https://euro.indiana.edu/news-events/events/2017-02-221.html     http://www.indiana.edu/~gradgrnt/ more »
  • Linguistic Repertoire and Social Integration: the Turkish Community in Alsace, France
    February 22 2:00pm
    Women play a pivotal role in the future of their first language by either being an active or passive agent; by preserving or refusing to speak it for different social, emotional and economic reasons. Using ethnographic data from Turkish community in Alsace, France, I examine the relationship of linguistic repertoire to integration and social rep more »
  • Dutch Coffee Hour
    February 27 4:30pm
    Practice your Dutch over a cup of coffee. more »
  • Soyuz 2017 Symposium: Keynote Speech Christina Schwenkel
    March 03 6:00pm
    This talk argues for the development of a more rigorous transnational methodology that rethinks the tendency toward ‘methodological nationalism’ often found in research on postsocialism. It does so by calling for an expansion of the study of former socialist countries to also include the dynamic Cold War relationships between the so- more »
April 6 - 12, 2014