• Fernand Melgar et le cinéma d’intervention sociale [Filmmaker as Social Animator]
    October 04 4:00pm
    François Mulot, spécialiste du cinéma de Costa-Gavras, Nicolas Klotz et Fernand Melgar, en particulier de la représentation audiovisuelle des demandeurs d’asile et des sans-papiers, viendra nous présenter les enjeux politiques, sociaux et esthétiques autour de deux films du réalisateur suiss more »
  • Paul Lucas Conference in History at IU. Reframing the Landscape: Historical Visions of Place
    October 07 9:30am
    Graduate History conference more »
  • Dutch Movie Night- Tirza
    October 10 7:00pm
    Tirza is a 2010 Dutch drama film directed by Rudolf van den Berg, based on the Dutch bestseller of the same name by Arnon Grunberg. The main character, Jörgen, desperately searches for his missing daughter and heads toward a brutal confrontation with the man who took her. more »
  • The Magic and the Secular in European Politics. Case Studies from Romania.
    October 12 3:30pm
    In 2008. Romania completed its EU accession. Since then, there have been a number of events in Romanian high-level politics, that centered debates on ritual magic - including presidential candidates accusing each other of winning elections through the use of occult (2009, 2010) and various law projects intended to formalize and tax ritual magic more »
April 6 - 12, 2014