• Above Ground - 40 Moments of Transformation
    January 23 12:00am
    "Above Ground" is a photographic exhibition organized by the Chinese feminist Lü Ping, who is currently a visiting scholar at Columbia University, and co-organized for the Bloomingotn campus by Jiling Duan, an IU Bloomington PhD doctoral student in Gender Studies. The selected photographs capture a wide range of performances stage more »
  • Tendrils of Design: Chinese Arts Past and Present
    January 23 12:00am
    This thematic tour will focus on recurring symbols in Chinese arts over time and provide a context for the work of visiting contemporary artist Beili Liu. more »
  • Sincerely Yours: An exhibition at the University Archives
    January 23 8:00am
    Dearest readers, As an archivist, it is not surprising that it is the content of a document that I find most interesting and useful. However, growing up in the ‘80s, sticker and stationery swaps played a big role in my childhood. The more colorful and interesting the stationery, the better. As I grew up – a more »
  • Ecolunch: "Resuscitation Promoting Factor's Role in Structuring Microbial Communities and Function." Venus Kuo (Lennon Lab).
    January 23 12:00pm
    A bacterial autocrine growth factor called resuscitation promoting factor (Rpf) has been shown to "wake-up" and stimulate growth in dormant bacterial cells. Rpf is constitutively produced by active cells and works by hydrolyzing the beta-1,4-glycosidic linkages in peptidogylcan cell wall. The gene encoding the growth factor is widespre more »
  • Illustrator CC 2015: The Basics
    January 23 1:30pm
    This session is being delivered in room 144 in Wells Library in Bloomington, and simultaneously being offered online. This is the face-to-face session, so please register for this session only if you plan to attend in person. This wor more »
Thursday, February 21, 2013