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EEB Seminar

Professor Dan Cristol will be giving the EEB seminar presentation on November 1st and you are invited.

Title:  "Oh Shenandoah: Mercury Pollution and Songbirds in a Changing Environment"

Professor Cristol was an undergrad at Cornell and was an IU Ph.D and a founding student at CISAB.

He teaches at William and Mary and studies ecology and behavior (oh ok he studies birds too).  He did a post-doc at Oxford with John Krebs and another post-doc at UC Davis with Peter Marler and Judy Stamps. His early work was on migration and spatial memory; more recently he has studied the role of spiders in translocating mercury from aquatic to terrestrial habitats and the effects of mercury on behavior, e.g. cognition, growth, mate choice, aggression.

He is an engaging and informative speaker with a unique ability to harness undergraduate enthusiasm for doing science to the benefit of student, advisor, and science.  Thus, we anticipate that you will enjoy his seminar.

Friday November 01, 2013 04:00 PM
Friday November 01, 2013 05:00 PM
Myers Hall 130
Ellen Ketterson
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