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WEAVEonline Introductory Training

WEAVEonline is a powerful software application that addresses the need to develop and maintain continuous improvement processes for both the academic and administrative structures within an institution of higher education. It guides and provides for the alignment of multiple processes, including assessment, planning, accreditation, budgeting and institutional priorities. WEAVEonline has been adopted IU system-wide for the regional campuses. 
WEAVEonline allows for timely feedback, and eliminates the need for the current cumbersome and labor-intensive reporting system. It neatly incorporates all of the steps in the assessment feedback loop, and ensures that all student-learning outcomes are being measured and evaluated. These features also thoroughly address accreditation requirements. The program easily generates several types of accreditation related reports, lessening the burden of that process as well. 
The objectives for the WEAVEonline Introductory session are: 

• Become familiar with the WEAVE cycle 
• Understand WEAVEonline faculty roles 
• Learn how to enter data on assessment 
• Know how to use the page-specific Help 
• Review sample entries of assessment data 
• Know how to run two key assessment reports 
After this overview, you will be ready to start inputting data for your department’s program assessment. Once you see what this system can do, how intuitive and easy it is to use; you will be excited about using it. This web-based assessment management system will help make assessment meaningful, measureable, and manageable for your program. 

Please feel free to bring your lunch. 

Looking forward to working with all of you, 
Michelle Bakerson 

Please go to this link to RSVP: http://doodle.com/nd42ukcfdh3t5u3v

Thursday October 24, 2013 12:00 PM
Thursday October 24, 2013 01:00 PM
NS 245 (Peterson Classroom)
Michelle Bakerson
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