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The Grolier Hundred

“One Hundred Books Famous in English Literature,” one of the most influential rare book exhibitions of the twentieth century, opened in January 1903 at the Grolier Club of the City of New York. The Club had already begun an ambitious program of exhibitions and publications, but the 1903 exhibition of the “Grolier Hundred,” as it came to be called, was to have an especially profound effect on a number of active and wealthy collectors, who used the exhibition catalogue as a shopping list in their attempt to find the first or the earliest obtainable editions of these canonized books. The 1903 exhibition drew its one hundred English-language titles from a variety of fields, including fiction, poetry, drama, history, law, and science.  J.K. Lilly, Jr., whose collection of books and manuscripts was donated to Indiana University in the mid-1950s, was one of a succeeding generation of collectors who decided to collect as many of the Grolier Hundred as he could. The Lilly Library collection contains ninety-nine of the Grolier Hundred.

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