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Juan of the Dead (2011) Directed by Alejandro Brugués

Juan of the Dead is a zombie comedy with the subtext of the Cuban Revolution. Juan is initially convinced that the zombie attack is merely another stage of the Revolution. Official media even refer to the attacks as incidents provoked by Cuban dissidents paid by the US government. Eventually, Juan and his friends realize that the attackers are zombies and killing them is an acquired skill. He soon decides that the best way of facing the situation is making some money from it…and a business is born. (92 min. Not rated.) Organized by Cubamistad with support from IU Cinema, Black Film Center/Archive, Film and Media Studies, La Casa, Department of Communication and Culture, History, Spanish and Portuguese, and Folklore, Latino Studies Program, and Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. More information contact cubamistad@indiana.edu.

Monday October 29, 2012 07:00 PM
Monday October 29, 2012 09:00 PM
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