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2018 Food Waste and Hunger Summit

The Campus Kitchens Project (CKP) 2018 Food Waste and Hunger Summit brings together students, young professionals, and field experts from across the country to discuss complex issues related to hunger and food waste and exchange best practices in the movement towards a waste and hunger free world.  Each IU campus is encouraged to participate and highlight all of the work being done to address food insecurity on campus and in our surrounding communities through academic, research, and service missions. Faculty, staff, students, and the public are invited to share in real-time relevant discussions about food insecurity, sustainability, public health, and social justice, and think about ways to solve problems of food waste and hunger in America today. Attendees will have access to a broad network of leaders, receive diverse training and learn how to replicate programs for their local communities and engage in inclusive dialogue on these important issues. For more information, please contact the Campus Kitchens Project, the Campus Kitchen at IUPUI, and/or the IUPUI Office of Sustainability. This conference is sponsored in part by a grant from the IU Office of the Bicentennial and is part of the IU Bicentennial Conference Season.  Thanks to the support of the IU Office of the Bicentennial, all IU students can register for free. #IU200

All Day Saturday March 24, 2018
All Day Sunday March 25, 2018
IUPUI Hine Hall and Tower Ballroom
Deb Ferguson
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The Campus Kitchen at IUPUI/IUPUI Office of Sustainability
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