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Roundtable on Moderation and Civility

Moderation and civility are the touchstone of democracy that cannot function without a combination of compromise and bargaining. Yet, moderation and civility remain fuzzy concepts that challenge our imagination. Yet, they may be the most necessary political virtues right now, especially in the aftermath of our contested elections and presidential debates. We are likely to rediscover the importance of moderation and civility as the issue of governing returns into the limelight. What chances do moderation and civility have in a climate of increasing polarization and partisanship? And how can one be enthusiastic about something often identified with weakness and indecisiveness? These questions will be discussed in a roundtable that will feature two recent books: Teresa Bejan's Mere Civility (Harvard University Press, 2017) and Aurelian Craiutu's Faces of Moderation (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016).

Panelists: Teresa Bejan, Department of Politics & International Relations, University of Oxford Aurelian Craiutu, Department of Political Science, IU Commentators: Allen Wood, Department of Philosophy, IU Jeffrey Isaac, Department of Political Science, IU Alexander Smith, Department of Sociology, Warwick, UK

Teresa Bejan is associate professor of political theory and a fellow of Oriel College at the University of Oxford. Her research brings perspectives from early modern political thought to bear on questions in contemporary political theory. Her work has also appeared in a variety of edited volumes and journals, including the Journal of Politics, Review of Politics, and History of Political Thought. Aurelian Craiutu is professor of political science at IU. He is the author and editor of several books on French political thought, including A Virtue for Courageous Minds (Princeton University Press, 2012) and Tocqueville on America after 1840 (Cambridge University Press, 2009, with Jeremy Jennings).

Sponsors: Tocqueville Program (with the generous help of the Ostrom Grant, Veritas Grant, Apgar Foundation Grant); Ostrom Workshop; Center on Representative Government; Office of the Provost

Friday March 24, 2017 01:00 PM
Friday March 24, 2017 03:00 PM
Presidents' Room, University Club, Indiana Memorial Union, 1st Floor
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