Indiana University

  • Cinema film: Three Brothers 1981
    April 25 7:00pm
    One day Donato Giuranna sends his three sons a telegram informing them of the death of their mother. Raffaele, a judge in Rome, Nicola, a factory worker in Turin and Rocco, a teacher in a reformatory in Naples, return home for the funeral without freeing themselves from their own personal and professional problems. Raffaele, involved in combatin more »
  • Cinema film:The Gods Must Be Crazy 1980
    April 26 3:00pm
    This comical allegory begins when a Sho in the Kalahari Desert encounters technology for the first time, in the shape of a Coke bottle. As his community tries to decipher the purpose of this seeming gift from God, they encounter a humorous collection of human representatives of modern civilization, including a scientist, a teacher, and a band of more »
  • Cinema film: Whatever Comes Next 2014
    April 26 6:30pm
    What do life and the making of a work of art have in common? The film portrays the American artist Annemarie Mahler-Ettinger, born in Vienna in 1926, and a resident of Bloomington, Indiana since 1957. It is an intimate conversation with herself and her dog that unfolds in front of the camera, with autobiographical lifescapes and a beautiful orig more »
  • Deadweek Dinners and Study Hours
    April 27 6:30pm
    Dinner 6:30pm, Study hours until 9pm at La Casa All of this week, La Casa will be treating you to a delightful dinner. It’s our special way to thank you for your support this semester and to prep you as you go to battle. No one wants to study on an empty stomach, right? more »
  • Concert of Music from Coastal Peru
    April 27 8:00pm
    The students of Folk-F315/638 (South American Performance and Culture) invite you to a concert of criollo and Afro-Peruvian music. Come listen to festejos, landós, valses, polkas and marineras and celebrate the end of the Spring semester! more »
February 26 - March 3, 2012