• Tendrils of Design: Chinese Arts Past and Present
    February 23 12:00am
    This thematic tour will focus on recurring symbols in Chinese arts over time and provide a context for the work of visiting contemporary artist Beili Liu. more »
  • Videotage Cross-Campus Video Art Exhibit
    February 23 12:00am
    This video art exhibition is an international video art exchange of Chinese video art from Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, and beyond. Curated by Isaac Lueng anmd featuring work by the IU Bloomington School of Art+Design’s Arthur Liou, this IU-only exhibition is inspired by Leung’s collaborative production of “Both Sides Now more »
  • Above Ground - 40 Moments of Transformation
    February 23 12:00am
    "Above Ground" is a photographic exhibition organized by the Chinese feminist Lü Ping, who is currently a visiting scholar at Columbia University, and co-organized for the Bloomingotn campus by Jiling Duan, an IU Bloomington PhD doctoral student in Gender Studies. The selected photographs capture a wide range of performances stage more »
  • Chinese Cinema Remixed
    February 23 12:00am
    IU Cinema will present 20 film programs linked to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Five renowned scholars will curate double-feature film programs that explore a ‘mash-up’ of themes—tradition versus modernity, old versus new, government- approved versus independent or underground—relevant to their areas of research. more »
  • Over a Cup of Tea presents, “Extreme Vetting and its Precedents: Internment and Exclusion in History”
    February 23 5:30pm
    Over A Cup of Tea presents a panel discussion commemorating the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, which led to the internment of over 120,000 Japanese-Americans during World War II. Guests from the Japanese American Citizens League's Hoosier Chapter, the Muslim Student Association, and activist Erik Matsunaga will discuss the paralle more »
February 2012