• Spring 2016 Internship Symposium
    April 29 11:30am
    The Spring 2016 Sustainability Internship Symposium will celebrate the work of the Office of Sustainability's 2015-2016 sixteen sustainability interns, as well as fifteen undergradute research scholars, supported by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research and the Integrated Program in the Environment. The event will feature intern re more »
  • Asian Cultures Around Campus, featuring Calligraphy Lessons
    April 29 2:00pm
    Learn and practice the ancient art of East Asian Calligraphy. During our meetings, the instructor will share interesting facts about calligraphy as well as teach you to write in the ancient script. Beginners are welcome and encouraged, and lessons are free and open to the public. For more information, please email acc@indiana.edu. Informal class more »
  • Portuguese Conversation Club
    April 29 4:00pm
    Practice a language with other students and a native speaker in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. Immerse yourself in a language and meet other IU Bloomington students who share similar interests. Conversation clubs are free, and do not require registration. Just show up and have a good time. If you want to practice a language that i more »
  • Weekly Asian Games
    April 29 4:30pm
    Mah-Jong is a game of skill coupled with wit and fortune. Come to play, learn, or teach this wonderful games. For more information, please email acc@indiana.edu. Let's Play Mahjong, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, led by Flynn Xu and Joy Zhao more »
  • IU CINEMA: 11 Minutes (11 Minut)
    April 29 6:30pm
    A cross-section of contemporary urbanites’ lives and loves intertwine, including a jealous husband out of control, his sexy actress wife, a sleazy Hollywood director, a reckless drug messenger, a disoriented young woman, an ex-con hot-dog vendor, a troubled student on a mysterious mission, a high-rise window cleaner on an illicit break, an more »
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