• EEB Brown Bag: "Sedentary songbirds (Junco hyemalis) exhibit higher prevalence of Plasmodium infections relative to coexisting conspecifics throughout winter and early spring." Sam Slowinski .
    October 25 11:30am
  • Josh Winn (MIT), "The Architecture of Exoplanetary Systems
    October 25 4:00pm
    Abstract: The basic geometry of the Solar System - the shapes, spacings, and orientations of the planetary orbits - has long been a subject of fascination as well as inspiration for planet-formation theories. For exoplanetary systems, those same properties have only recently come into focus. I will review our current knowledge of the more »
  • Microbiology Seminar Series: "Mechanism of biofilm formation: Structure and Regulation." Fitnat Yildiz, University of California - Santa Cruz.
    October 25 4:00pm
    Biofilms are surface-attached microbial communities that are composed of microorganisms and a matrix composed of extra-polymeric substances, such as exopolysaccharides, proteins, and nucleic acids.  Ability to form biofilms enhances environmental survival and infectivity Vibrio cholerae, a bacterium responsible for the disease. I will discu more »
  • Student Development Series, featuring IU Student Legal Services and the IU MoneySmarts team
    October 25 5:00pm
    Thinking of living off campus next year? Not sure what you can afford, or what all the legal jargon in your leasing contract means? Join us for this workshop where we discuss what you should know before signing a lease. We will also provide information on financial literacy, housing budgets, and how to prepare for tax season. more »
  • Arts in an Election Year
    October 25 7:00pm
    Join faculty from SPEA's Arts Administration Program for a discussion on issues at the intersection of the arts and public policy in the United States including funding, copyright, trade agreements, and cultural rights. Refreshments provided. more »
February 2012