• Administering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (MOC 10747)
    June 29 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 5 days. This course is intended for Configuration Manager Administrators who are responsible for configuring and managing one or more System Center 2012 Configuration Manager sites and all supporting systems. They have one to three years of experience supporting multiple desktop and ser more »
  • Cascade Server: Building a Site
    June 29 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 1 day. Cascade Server: Building a Site will give new site managers the skills they need to plan and build a site in Cascade Server. Users will be provided an empty site and a demonstration username and passphrase. They will be guided through a series of tasks related directly to plannin more »
  • Canvas: Quizzes & Tests
    June 29 2:00pm
    This workshop lasts 60 minutes. In this webinar, co-presented by CITL and IT Training, participants will learn how to create and grade quizzes and tests in Canvas. Using the functions and flexibility of the Quizzes tool, participants will learn several options for providing feedback on student performance, more »
  • HTML5 & CSS: Creating Style for the Web
    June 29 5:30pm
    This workshop lasts 3.5 hours, and is part of the certificate series Web Creation Round-out your HTML5 & CSS knowledge by learning more techniques for creating style for a web page. This workshop will teach how to refine table structure, embed video, use non-standard fonts in your site using Web F more »
  • SPSS: The Basics
    June 30 5:30pm
    This workshop lasts 3 hours. SPSS is a powerful statistics application. This workshop, which is intended for people who already have a basic understanding of statistics, introduces SPSS for performing common basic statistical analyses. Participants will learn the basic features of SPSS and how to use it to genera more »
February 26 - March 3, 2012