• Zotero
    October 05 9:00am
    This session includes a short overview of citation management tools and provides an introduction to Zotero focusing on producing more efficient and effective bibliographies. more »
  • Canvas: Using Groups
    October 05 1:00pm
    In Canvas, Groups are a way instructors can create spaces for groups of students to submit group assignments and collaborate as part of a course. Canvas Sections allow faculty to organize students in a course and manage access to some course features. This workshop, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning, will present an overview of Canv more »
  • Photoshop CC 2015: The Basics
    October 05 1:30pm
    This workshop lasts 3 hours, and is part of the certificate series Desktop Publishing Fundamentals In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop, the premiere image editing application. Particpants will learn how to retouch a photo while building skills that will help them go further with the application. Participa more »
  • CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician
    October 06 9:00am
    The recent explosion of the use of various IT systems in the healthcare areana presents a tremendous opportunity for IT professionals. Additionally the deployment and utilization of electronic record keeping sytems for use in healthcare presents both an opportunity and a challenge to everyone involved. The CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician was de more »
  • Excel 2013: Data Management
    October 06 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 3 hours, and is part of the certificate series Excel 2013 End-User Learn how to use lists to extract and manipulate data. Participants will explore Excel’s table-related features in this workshop, as well as creating custom lists, validating data entry, sorting and filtering data, creating and removing subtotals, a more »
February 2012