July 26 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 5 days. The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Certification is a vendor-neutral credential. The CASP exam is an internationally targeted validation of advanced-level security skills and knowledge. While there is no required prerequisite, the CASP certification is intended to more »
  • Excel 2013: What-If Analysis & Named Scenarios
    July 26 5:30pm
    This workshop lasts 2 hours, and is part of the certificate series Excel 2013 Advanced End-User  This workshop introduces a number of tools that will allow participants to develop what-if models or predict future trends in Excel. Discover how to analyze complex data by using one- and two-input da more »
  • Excel 2013: Basic Automation Using Macros
    July 27 1:30pm
    This workshop lasts 90 minutes, and is part of the certificate series Excel 2013 End-User Macros enable Excel users to automate their work by recording a sequence of commands into a single action. In this workshop, participants will explore how to record and edit macros in Excel, how to make them easi more »
  • Access 2013: Forms
    July 28 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 3.5 hours, and is part of the certificate series Access 2013 End-User Relational forms tie together data from various tables into a single object, facilitating data entry and editing. This workshop is intended for anyone who is interested in learning how to create and enhance vario more »
  • Ready, Set, Robots!
    August 01 9:00am
    This workshop lasts 2 days. Ready, Set, Robots! introduces teens to technology-related fields and concepts including computer programming, high performance computing, and networking as they work side by side with IU technology profession more »
February 2012