Indiana University

  • Responding to an Outbreak: Lessons Learned from Scott County
    July 29 12:30pm
    This webinar will provide insight into the HIV and Hepatits-C outbreak in Scott County, Indiana. The goal of the webinar is to provide participants with recommendations for monitoring data and trends in their communities to assist in the identification of an outbreak. Participants will receive guidance from state and local perspectives on the ne more »
  • Bender Fellows Application Deadline
    August 15 12:00am
    8/15 - is the deadline for submitting application for the FACET Bender Fellows program for the following spring.  For more information, visit: more »
  • Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Performance Tuning Summer School
    August 17 11:00am
    This workshop lasts 5 days. From a user perspective, supercomputers are more complicated to program and handle than an ordinary desktop workstation. This may lead to parallel programs that do not necessarily satisfy the performance expectations of the users. Such unexpected performance results can have many reasons. Basic knowledge on performance more »
  • Open House and Reception with International Students
    August 18 3:00pm
    This is a special time for new international students to come and learn about the cultural and educational programs, support services such as free English tutoring, and volunteer opportunities the Asian Culture Center has to offer. For more info about the Asian Culture Center, visit or email more »
  • Welcome Week Open House
    August 21 12:00pm
    In cooperation with First Year Experience Orientation Lunch is on us! Learn about the programs, services, and volunteer opportunities at the ACC. We’ll show you how we can make your stay at IU an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. Check our website at more »
February 2012