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Title: Dr. Ariella Azoulay Lecture, "The Necessity to Discuss Photographs That Were Not Taken"
Start Time: Tuesday April 06, 2010 05:30 PM
End Time: Tuesday April 06, 2010 07:00 PM
Location: Student Building 150
Description: Why should one turn to photography when there are no photographs?

This is a question that arises in times of disaster, when the absence of photographs is symptomatic. But the absence of photographs should also be understood as a possibility of photography itself. In order to link these two claims I propose to discuss the ontology of photography, drawing a basic distinction between the event of photography and the photograph which is only one of its products. I will look closely at traces of one particular disaster, the Palestinian Naqba, examining a series of photographs from the period which were part of the exhibition Constituent Violence 1947-1950 that I curated last year (Tel Aviv, March-June 2009). The exhibition consisted of some 200 photographs (most of which were drawn from Zionist archives) and provided a visual genealogy of the transformation of the Palestinian disaster into a "disaster from their point of view".
Contact Email: simonsj@indiana.edu
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