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Title: Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist - DemandJump
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Start Time: Friday April 06, 2018 10:30 AM
End Time: Friday April 06, 2018 11:30 AM
Location: Dorsey Learning Hall (1106), Luddy Hall
Contact: Ying Ding
Url: http://data-science-colloq.soic.indiana.edu/
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Data Science Invited Talk Series

Speaker: Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist – DemandJump Inc.

Where: Dorsey Learning Hall Room 1106 (Luddy Hall)

When:  Friday - April 6, 2018 @ 10:30 AM

Weblink: To be Announced


Topic: Analyzing Dynamic Networks with Topological Data Analysis

Abstract: The internet, social networks, the global transportation system... Complex networks are the substrate and substance of modern life. Unlike static networks, the structure and function of these systems evolves dynamically with time, which has traditionally posed significant challenges to analysts seeking to predict their behavior or optimize their performance. In recent years, Topological Data Analysis (TDA) has been demonstrated to be a meaningful platform for computing topological features of a wide variety of complex networks at multiple scales. Although relatively unknown by data scientists working in industry, TDA has over the last decade been gaining strong acceptance in the research community and seen a surge of growth in a wide variety of application areas, particularly when coupled with kernel-based machine learning techniques. The purpose of this talk is to discuss both the theoretical and practical aspects of applying TDA to the study of dynamic networks by demonstrating its application with Python and a years’ worth of real-time airline scheduling data.

Bio: Tyler Foxworthy is a mathematician and computational scientist working on a wide range of problems in machine learning and marketing optimization. An alumnus of Purdue University, his research is largely focused on the development of high performance algorithms for understanding complex networks, machine learning, and natural language processing. Tyler currently serves as the Chief Scientist of DemandJump Inc, and is a scientific advisor to many technology companies and investors in the Midwest. Tyler’s previous experience includes leadership and research roles in academia, biotech, and management consulting. Additionally, Tyler maintains an active research program and is a regular speaker at international scientific and industry conferences.

Contact Email: dingying@indiana.edu
More Contact Info: datasci@indiana.edu
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