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Title: Document Academy 2017
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Time: All Day Friday September 29, 2017
Location: Wells Library, Department of Information & Library Science
Free/Busy: busy
Description: The Document Academy (DOCAM) is an interdisciplinary, global research collective that celebrates doc-umentation and documents of all kinds. Founded in San Francisco in 2001 by Maribeth Back and Niels Windfeld Lund, the Document Academy explores issues and applications in documentation and documents across academia, the arts, business, and society at large through research, art, and other discourse venues. Each year, the DOCAM community gets together at the annual meeting where participants can present new results, works in progress, reviews, and experimental pieces. Presentations have ranged from traditional academic slide-based presentations to hands-on workshops to storytelling sessions. The Document Academy presents an engaging and liberating venue for research and discussion. This year, the annual meeting is being held at Indiana University and will feature sessions led by a variety of scholars. For more information about DOCAM visit documentacademy.org. Friday Panels 11:30 AM - Plenary Session by Maurizio Ferraris 1:30-2:30 PM - Shawn Martin, Indiana University, Bloomington, Patrick McLeod and Richard L. Anderson, Richard L. University of North Texas, Bhuva Narayan, University of Technology Sydney 2:30-3:45 PM - Michael Buckland, University of California, Berkeley, Timothy, Gorichanz, Drexel University, Kiersten Latham, Kent State University, Andreas Vårheim, Roswitha Skare & Geir Grenersen, University of Tromsø 4-5 PM - Laurie Bonnici, University of Alabama, Robert Montoya, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ethan O’Connor, eocys, LLC
Contact Email: snosbour@iu.edu
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