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Title: The In/visibility of America's 21st Century Wars Series: Diane Rubinstein
Start Time: Thursday December 01, 2011 07:00 PM
End Time: Thursday December 01, 2011 08:30 PM
Location: Fine Arts Auditorium, room 015
Contact: Jon Simons
Url: http://themester.indiana.edu/

Virtual War

Diane Rubenstein (Government and American Studies, Cornell University) is a cultural critic who uses psychoanalytical and radical semiotic theories to analyze political phenomena in original and perceptive ways. She has a particular interest in political rhetoric and ideology, teaching classes in political theory and media theory, especially film and photographic theory. Her most recent book, on the postmodern American presidency is: This is not a President: Sense, Nonsense, and the American Political Imaginary (New York University Press, 2008). In it Professor Rubenstein focuses on the gaps and blind spots in American presidential politics since Reagan that are symptomatic of profound and disturbing changes in American politics and the national imaginary. Looking at the ways in which the presidency functions in popular culture she explains the paradoxical ways in which citizens in their everyday lives encounter presidents who engage in wars while those everyday lives seem to continue as normal.

Contact Email: simonsj@indiana.edu
Cost: FREE
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