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Title: The In/visibility of America's 21st Century Wars Series: Mike Shapiro
Start Time: Thursday October 27, 2011 07:00 PM
End Time: Thursday October 27, 2011 08:30 PM
Location: Fine Arts Auditorium, room 015
Contact: Jon Simons

War and the Arts: A Politics of Aesthetic Subjectivity.

Michael Shapiro's research and teaching interests are in the areas of political theory and philosophy, critical social theory, cultural studies, politics of media, indigenous politics, and critical international studies. He has recently been a visiting instructor at New York University for Cinema Studies and Art and Public Policy, and a visiting summer lecturer at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio (PUC), Rio de Janeiro. His many books and articles have established his unique scholarship at the intersection of the political study of international conflict and the cultural mediation of war, especially through film, which he theorizes and analyzes as a way of thinking – about politics, about war, about subjectivity. Cinematic Geopolitics (2008) argues that in recent times movies have played a major role in shaping the public’s political imagination and that cinema has indeed caused a re-thinking of the ever changing geo-political world. In 2011 Professor Shapiro will publish The New Violent Cartography,co-edited with Sam Opondo, which will be a re-working of his Violent Cartographies: Mapping Cultures of War (1997) in which he used literary and film analyses to elucidate his themes. For example, he considered such cultural artifacts as U.S. Marine recruiting television commercials, American war movies, and General Schwarzkopf's autobiography, elaborating how a certain image of American masculinity was played out in the military imaginary and in the media. Professor Shapiro provides contemporary insights into how current American wars fought at a distance are made visual in our culture, and imagines transformations of violent relations.


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